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General management courses




5 modules to face new challenges of a fast-changing business environment.

The general management foundation courses will give you the strategic skills needed to make decisions, create value, lead teams and manage conflict, as well as to prepare for and lead change. The course is pragmatic, directly exploitable and accessible.


There are 5 distinct modules:

Gain valuable insights into intercultural management and notions of emotional intelligence, measure your resistance to stress, and understand your own decision-making processes through individual coaching.


Acquire a strategic overview

Acquire and transmit a vision. Learn how to implement a business development strategy. The topics covered include strategic marketing and brand strategy, strategy and business models, innovation management, mergers and acquisitions, and an introduction to geostrategic thinking. 


Manage financial performance.

Understand and interpret financial situations, learn about the main growth levers and the key aspects that need to be examined to understand a firm’s financial situation.


Lead teams and organisations

Learn the key techniques to manage major change in organisations. Understand the levers that drive a corporate culture: major conflict management, business ethics, the manager’s social responsibility.


Effective communication

Draft a message for internal and external targets. Learn how to speak to the media during difficult times.