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Courses, Business simulations, visits, discussions, team work

Exceptional seminars provide in-depth coverage of managerial topics to take the participants’ personal development and their grasp of key business management issues further.


Transforming Organisations, Lille

Transforming organisations : a dynamic process

Identify different types of organisation and understand the factors that trigger change. 

When should we change an organisation? Accepting and anticipating change: which key factors can influence this decision? Why change an organisation and what kind of organisation? Forward-thinking ideas for the new business organisations of the 21st century.

To help them discuss these issues, the participants work in an environment steeped in history and learning: the Manufacture des Flandres.  Located on the site of a former weaver’s workshop, Craye, specialized since 1900 in furniture fabrics, the Manufacture des Flandres is a museum-workshop dedicated to the memory of the textile industry in Roubaix and the surrounding area.


Strategic Marketing, Paris

Understand strategic marketing and business management.

Define a marketing strategy and work on all the marketing mix components.

Simulate a product launch and directly appreciate the impact of the decisions taken.

The course includes a simulation of a strategic product launch and company management in a highly competitive environment.

Split into different groups, the participants define a marketing strategy and work on all the components of the marketing mix.  The simulation highlights the strategic aspects of company management. The tools made available help them to understand the impact of their decisions and the outcomes on performance directly.


Geopolitics and International Negotiations, Paris

Understand geopolitics and learn the techniques of negotiation.

The 4-day training course is designed to help participants to understand geopolitical issues and to grasp the techniques of top level international negotiation.

  • Understand international organisations
  • Prepare for negotiation
  • Analyse the geostrategic context
  • Manage an international crisis 


Led by General Desjardins from NATO Defence College, this exceptional course allows the participants to experience the management of a global crisis requiring strategic reflection and decision-making at international level.


Overlapping perspectives on Leadership, Paris

Identify the fundamental aspects of your personal leadership style and transmit your vision.

This course ends the programme year. It is designed to pull together all the notions of leadership introduced during the programme. In addition, it delves deeper into certain aspects of leadership, notably the managerial dimension of leading people and organisations. The two-day course combines testimonials from well-known personalities and discussions with the participants.

Various personalities from the world of business, politics and civil society are invited to speak about their take on leadership, based on their own experience.


Some of the speakers in previous courses include:

  • Roger Pol Droit – Writer and philosopher
  • Stéphan Perrot – European swimming champion
  • Stéphane Volant - Secretary General of the SNCF (French railway lines)
  • Jean-Paul Cottet - Advisor to the CEO of Orange


The participants take part in a public speaking exercise. They need to implement the communication techniques acquired during their programme in order to express their personal managerial convictions.


Lobbying and Influence Management, Brussels

Understand the mechanisms of decision-making within European institutions and identify the factors of influence.

This one-day module is held in Brussels and gives the participants insights into the European institutional environment through a comparative study (in the form of a round table debate based on real-life experience) of business management styles according to different geographic and cultural perspectives.

The participants spend a whole day in Brussels to visit the European Parliament, meet an MP, take part in a European Commission meeting and work on a lobbying-related case study.