What better way to develop an innovative leadership than by meeting those who are inventing contemporary business? Amadeus, a partner of EDHEC’s Global MBA, welcomed the executives and entrepreneurs of the programme for a one-day "business trek".

In Villeneuve-Loubet, within a few miles from EDHEC’s Nice campus, participants dove into the heart of one of the world’s foremost tech companies, Amadeus, leading provider of IT solutions for the global tourism and travel industry.

"This one-day immersion is an opportunity for participants to face up to on-the-ground reality by interacting with a powerful technology player. Going out of the campus is a way to get off the beaten track, and to open up their view of business."
Cécile Benchetrit, Career & Corporate Services Consultant for EDHEC Executive Education.

On site, they were able to talk with Amadeus executives about the opportunities and challenges of digital innovation for companies in all sectors. They also met with Global MBA alumni who are now Amadeus collaborators, as the group is one of the programme’s top employers.

Experience sharing and action learning at the heart of the Global MBA.

This event was part of a broader partnership between EDHEC’s Global MBA and Amadeus, demonstrating EDHEC’s will to offer an MBA programme deeply in tune with corporate realities. The academic approach is thus based on experience sharing and action learning: it is about learning by confronting on-the-ground challenges, but also learning from the experience of other professionals’ by meeting key players of today’s business world.

It is in this same spirit of sharing that Amadeus also collaborates with MBA participants for a Consulting Project, and that group collaborators teach them classes on Big Data and on Tableau, a data visualization tool. An opportunity, each time, for interesting discussions.

"It’s been a real pleasure teaching the EDHEC Global MBA students, explained Yvan Fornes, Business Analytics Senior Consultant at Amadeus, in an article published on the Tableau blog last June. Because they enrich the class with their extensive professional experiences from countries from all over the world, I’ve been able to improve and refine my teaching methodology."

This multi-faceted partnership, as connected with business realities as possible, enables MBA participants to develop a richer view of business strategy and leadership.