The main aim of the course is to give each student the opportunity to learn more about themselves by testing their resistance to stress, learning to take decisions in emergency situations, and improve their leadership skills and self-confidence through a week-long immersion in an unknown environment, confronted with sometimes hostile situations. The Stress Management week takes place in one of the French Army Corps (Strategic Air Force or National Marines, as selected by the participants)

• Step on board a National Marines ship and adapt to the pace of life of the Jeanne d’Arc Mission student officers,
• Join the Strategic Air Force Corps and discover the air operations command systems and its intervention and intelligence methods.

1 week on board a National Marine vessel

The participants enrolled in EDHEC’s Advanced Management Programme will spend one week with the student officers of the Naval School and the School for senior naval officers, aboard a flagship vessel during a training course in the framework of the Jeanne d'Arc mission. The course is designed to give participants a taste of communal life at sea and extensive command experience. Taking part in firefighting training sessions on board a ship, a citizens evacuation exercise in a crisis situation, or in an interception team boarding a suspect vessel, the participants are deliberately put into uncomfortable situations to stimulate their capacity to adapt and manage under stress.

1 week with the Strategic Air Force Corps
This management course puts participants under stress for 7 days with the French Air Force, alternating work with the chief of staff to gain insights into strategic and operational decision-making, field operations to show leadership in the face of new and/or unknown events, and role play with ultra-rapid decision-making when piloting warplanes via a simulator. The participants are wholly immersed in air force life, experiencing the fast pace of daily life on 3 Air Force sites: ● The National Centre of Air Operations, located in Lyon-Verdun
● The Student Pilot Officers School, located in Salon de Provence, including an exceptional session with the French Patrol Force
● Airbase 125 of the Strategic Air Force, located in Istres

Unusual and sometimes extreme role plays enable the participants to learn and compare ways to manage stress in an unknown universe, helping them to improve their self-awareness and develop their leadership capacities.