Management Development Programme

Boost your career opportunities
Transition to general management

Location :
Lille - Paris

Diploma :
Equivalent to Master's degree

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Duration : 
10 months


The EDHEC’s Management Development Programme (Cycle Supérieur de Management de l’EDHEC) is designed for managers and future managers looking to give their career new momentum.
Consolidate your professional skills and develop a customized, coherent and effective career plan.




  • Consolidate your management skills
  • Learn to lead and manage teams
  • Be ready to take on new managerial responsibilities
  • Develop a global overview of the company


  • An innovative and stimulating learning environment, based on exchange of experience and participant diversity
  • Tailored support with individual and group coaching sessions
  • Equivalent to a master’s degree management qualification
  • In France, Titre de niveau I, RNCP. Eligible for the CPF (personal training account)


Transform your management skills and capacities in an innovative and stimulating learning environment.
EDHEC’s Management Development Programme helps you to speed up development of your new responsibilities and to manage your transformation.

Learn to lead change and improve your team’s performance.

EDHEC’s Management Development Programme is a diploma programme based on business and human capital management.

EDHEC’s Management Development Programme gives you effective tools to build a strategy and action plan, manage a project and create value within the current legal framework. Adopt the right managerial behaviours and generate financial performance with your team behind you, and develop the human capital you have been given.

Course delivery is in groups or via e-learning, depending on the format you choose.

Business Management

  • Management Commercial
  • Personalities and management
  • Performance and value creation
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and organisation
  • Audit and consulting project methodology
  • Company simulation
  • Legal risk and environment
  • Company audit
  • Administration/Finance

Managerial communication

  • Sales management
  • Performance management
  • Project management
  • Professional development
  • Performance management and collective intelligence
  • Driving change
  • Leadership

Individual coaching

Throughout the course, you will be given tailored support with a coach to help you to fine-tune your career plan: 4 to 20 coaching sessions, depending on the format you choose.

Group coaching

The course includes a range of teamwork exercises: case studies, situation analysis, business simluations... The exercises are consolidated by the views and comments of the other participants.

Two days are dedicated to professional development, and frequent spot checks will help you to identify the skills and expertise acquired as well as the progress made.

Analyse a concrete business problem and put forward recommendations

The consulting project in EDHEC’s Management Development Programme involves finding solutions to a challenging situation in a company.

The consulting project gives the participants an opportunity to put into practice all the learning acquired during the course and to come up with well-grounded recommendations for a real company with a specific problem.


Blended Learning format: individual project
Weekly format (Lille) and Monthly format (Paris): team project, 4 people maximum. An EDHEC tutor provides support in terms of the methodology and the group dynamics.

The project is designed to put the knowledge acquired during the course into practice and to collate it with the realities of everyday life in a business organisation.

  • the implications of a consulting mission
  • your sponsor’s economic and professional environment
  • the group dynamics that need to be developed to come up with recommendations
  • your leadership style and your specific added value within a group
  • the tools, reflexes and behaviours required for project management

Pursue your professional goals and interests in strategic and operational management issues.

In addition to EDHEC’s Management Development Programme core programme, there are three electives to choose from :

  • Management and e-business - Lille

    As the Internet has revolutionized sales practices, two days are devoted to understanding Corporate Business Models that develop digital business either exclusively or in addition to the core business:

    - Dissect benchmark Business Models to understand their strategies
    - Understand how the Big Data phenomenon has revolutionized approaches to marketing
    - Discuss the revolutions generated by the arrival of the digital revolution in the other class participants’ professional environments and discover the choices they have made to adapt

  • Management and innovative businesses - Nice

    This module includes a first approach through e-learning and classwork, followed by an original 2-day seminar in Nice.

    - Discover the changes some business sectors are experiencing, the managerial practices that have developed as a consequence, and the resulting organisational changes.
    - Know how to define the terms that have recently appeared in business and the realities they encompass.
    - Understand the logic and the experience of entrepreneurs who have used the digital revolution to create, develop and sustain their activity.

  • Management and collective creativity - Paris

    The considerations and learning input from this course apply to all social and economic areas, and ensure that innovation is not reduced to simple technological issues. Consequently, the research and examples used to support and illustrate the course cover a wide spectrum of human activities, both past and present.

    - Understand the links between creativity and innovation
    - Understand the impact of the human factor, especially human relations, on the innovation process
    - Understand how and why an innovation commando team is probably the most coherent and the most efficient unit to develop innovation

The EDHEC’s Management Development Programme uses a range of resources to promote the immediate transfer of knowledge and the concrete application of the skills acquired during the course.

A practical training course

  • Real-life business case studies
  • Business Simulation: an intensive 3-day course
  • Immersion courses to experience new managerial practices

1 Programme, 2 Formats


Duration: 10 months
Format: 46 days classroom learning - 1 day a week on average (Thursday and/or Friday)
E-learning: 1 module (15h)
Start date: September or January

Location: EDHEC campus in Lille


Duration: 10 months
Format: 3 days / months (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
E-learning: 7 modules (25h on average)
Start date: September or January
Location: EDHEC campus in Paris


"When you join EDHEC’s Management Development Programme, you join an innovative managerial transformation course. In addition to the stimulating group dynamics and exchange of experiences, you will enjoy personalised support to guide you in your personal and professional development."

Le Cycle Supérieur de Management bénéficie de l'excellence du corps professoral de l'EDHEC et de l'expertise de professionnels issus du monde de l'entreprise.

EDHEC Faculty


Directrice EDHEC Cycle Supérieur de Management


CERVELLON Marie-Cécile, PhD

PhD, McGill University



Directeur délégué EDHEC Executive

Directeur Cycle Supérieur de management en E-Learning

HAGUET Daniel, PhD

EDHEC Business School


LONGUET Patrick, PhD

EDHEC Business School



EDHEC Business School

Management commercial


EDHEC Business School


SERIO Dominique

EDHEC Business School


VERY Philippe, PhD

PhD, IAE Aix en Provence

Management stratégique

Adjunct Faculty

Béatrice ARNAUD
Fondatrice, Bea Partners
Coach et Facilitatrice

Philippe BELARDI
Intervenant du Module Management d'Equipes

Responsable Juridique

Nicolas CATOIS
Consultant en mobilité professionnelle

Performance RH

Directeur des affaires juridiques
La Voix du Nord


Robert DILTS
Consultant International en Leadership Collaboratif

Wilfried DUBOIS
Consultant, RH, Aureval Consultants HR consulting and contractor services
Intervenant en Leadership

Patrick DUBUT
EDHEC Business School

François DUPUY
Sociologue des Organisations

Responsable du Module Management de Projet
Directeur Technique d'agences

Vulcain Ingénierie Monaco

Frédéric GUELTON
Intervenant du Module Simulation Conférence de la Paix
Colonel de l'Armée Francaise et Historien Militaire

EDHEC Business School
Intervenant en finance pour managers

Directeur Général, EUROSAE SAS
Hautes Technologies

Louis-Gilles PAIRAULT
Conservateur en chef du patrimoine, Ministère de la Culture

Ingénieur TICe, IUT Lannion

Consultante, LSV Conseil


A wide range of profiles to promote the sharing of experiences.*

The effectiveness of EDHEC’s Management Development Programme lies in the diversity of people it brings together.


  • 14 years professional experience on average

  • 79% of participants are promoted (in the year following successful completion of the course)

  • 38 years old on average

  • 40% female

Breakdown by job sector

Level of education

* EDHEC’s Management Development Programme, 2016-2018 Classes

The programme helped me to take the time to think about myself and my career. The experience helped me to grow, both through the skills acquired and in relational and human terms.

Franck THOLLIEZ , Sales Engineer - Schneider Electric

The Management Development Programme helped me to see that my skills can be transferred to other fields of activity and to feel more confident. It also gave me a toolbox that helped me to get to grips more easily with the new challenges as a manager.

Sandrine VERHOLLEMAN , Sales Monitoring Manager 3 Suisses France

EDHEC’s Management Development Programme links learning input with the sharing of managerial experiences. The Blended Learning formula lets you do your job as normal, while following the courses at the same time.

Stefano LETTIERI, Sector Manager - Caisse d'Epargne Côte d'Azur


Admissions Process

  • Introductory interview

  • Application form

  • Decision by the Admissions Committee

Admission requirements

Baccalaureat (or equivalent) + 2 years undergraduate studies and experienced professionals

Start dates

  • Weekly (Lille) or Monthly (Paris) formats: September or January


  • September 2019: 17 000 € HT

Equivalent to a master’s degree. In France, Titre de niveau I, RNCP.

Eligible to the CPF (personal training account). Code CPF 247944


Who is the programme for ?

The selection process for each Class of EDHEC’s Management Development Programme in Lille, Paris and Nice seeks to find a balance between the initial level of qualifications and professional experiences so as to optimise the group dynamics and the exchange of experience between the participants. We invite you to meet members of the team as well as programme participants before submitting your application. As EDHEC’s Management Development Programme aims to help you evolve, during the interview organised on the basis of your CV, we will help you to look at how your expectations of the programme square with your career plan. This interview is the first step in the selection process. If you are an autodidact, your extensive professional experience may make up for an absence of degrees.

How can I pay for the programme ?

There are several ways you can pay for your management course:

  • Payment by your company
  • CPF (personal training account) - The EDHEC’s Management Development Programme is eligible for the CPF - Code 17527
  • Fully or partially paid for by the OPCA (Accredited Training Fund Organisation),
  • Fongecif, AGEFOS-PME, AGEFICE, FIF-PL...
  • Bank loan: EDHEC has negotiated partnerships with several banks for exclusive loan formulas for future participants in EDHEC’s Management Development Programme. Several options are available to spread payments over the long term at highly attractive rates (from 2%)!

If you wish to know more about the admission conditions and financing options of EDHEC’s Management Development Programme, do get in touch so we can look at your application together

What is the academic level of the course ?

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the ‘Sales Development Manager’ diploma, equivalent to a master’s degree. In France: Titre de Niveau 1, recognized by the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification).

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