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Consulting project



The consulting project in EDHEC’s Management Development Programme involves finding solutions to a challenging situation in a company.

The consulting project gives the participants an opportunity to put into practice all the learning acquired during the course and to come up with well-grounded recommendations for a real company with a specific problem.


Blended Learning format: individual project
Weekly format (Lille) and Monthly format (Paris): team project, 4 people maximum. An EDHEC tutor provides support in terms of the methodology and the group dynamics.
The project is designed to:

  • Put the knowledge acquired during the course into practice and to collate it with the realities of everyday life in a business organisation
  • the implications of a consulting mission
  • your sponsor’s economic and professional environment
  • the group dynamics that need to be developed to come up with recommendations
  • your leadership style and your specific added value within a group
  • the tools, reflexes and behaviours required for project management