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Custom Programmes

For senior executives, top managers, high potential managers

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Do you want to prepare your managers and executives to respond to challenges and drive your company’s transformation? Do you want to develop a strong managerial culture and promote collaboration across your organisation?

EDHEC delivers truly customized executive programmes designed for your strategy and in line with your culture and values.



  • To train high potentials and business leaders in the leadership skills of the future in order to create sustainable value and to enhance the company’s competiveness
  • To give them an across-the-board perspective, and real insights into new types of organisation, management and innovation
  • To engage them in action, take them out of their comfort zone and get them to develop an experimental mindset
  • To promote synergies and collaboration across the organisation


  • EDHEC: a Business School founded by entrepreneurs over a century ago
  • Academic excellence in strategy, finance, leadership, marketing and management internationally renowned faculty
  • A rich, innovative and diversified learning environment to give the participants unforgettable learning experiences
  • Certificate programmes that can be financed as vocational training programmes

Our approach

Topics covered in our custom programmes:



  • Strategy and business models
  • Financial performance
  • Strategic marketing
  • Economic and legal environment
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation



  • Organisation management
  • Performance management
  • Sales management
  • Manager coach
  • Change management
  • HR for managers
  • Collective intelligence
  • Interpersonal communication


  • Self awareness
  • Personal impact and influence
  • Decision making
  • Public speaking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Negotiation



Our programmes

Certificate and operational programmes linked to the realities on the ground to speed up your company’s business challenges.


Examples of custom programmes designed in collaboration with business organisations:

A 14-month course for SNCF high potentials to develop their strategic skills as future business executives.


  • Strategic Vision and Business Models
  • Finance for decision-makers
  • Strategic marketing
  • Driving strategy and completion of a strategic project
  • 2 Learning Expeditions in London and Berlin

A certificate course to develop executive’s managerial skills and a shared managerial culture engaged around a group project.


  • Strategy and performance
  • Team management
  • Leadership and personal impact

A certificate course in Strategy, Finance and Leadership for shop managers who wish to become regional directors.


  • Corporate strategic vision
  • Business role play
  • Performance management
  • Consulting project
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Influence and motivation
  • E-learning and in-class modules (Paris, Lille, Berlin)

Teaching Input



  • Mix of course contributors: professors, coaches, international and start-up company directors, experts
  • Blended learning, combining in-class sessions and e-learning activities
  • Learning expeditions to open up new perspectives and understand today’s fast-changing world
  • Exceptional locations for insights into all aspects of business and to understand the big picture
  • collective dynamic - work with the class to strengthen the group dynamics and develop a strong feeling of belonging
  • Customized support; (360°, exploring MBTI or DISC type indicators, coaching, tutoring)
  • A measure of the programme’s operational impact

Our partners

The majority of our customers come back time and again as they trust us to develop practical and highly relevant courses that enhance managerial skills and grow their company’s human values.


Top-flight teaching faculty and experienced professionals

The custom programmes are delivered by a top-flight teaching faculty, made up of academic experts and business professionals that include directors, board members, start-up founders and coaches with extensive experience on the ground.

"By incorporating your specific context and needs in the course programme, the teaching faculty customizes the results-oriented learning process to your situation. This approach has a significant impact on your business as we closely follow up the implementation of change."

Director of Custom Programmes


Who teaches the programmes ?

The custom programmes offered by EDHEC Business School are delivered by a top-flight teaching faculty, made up of academic experts and business professionals that include directors and board members with long experience on the ground. Taking your specific context and issues into account, they incorporate them into the course programme. The teaching faculty tailors the results-driven learning process to your own situation. This approach has a significant impact on your business as we closely follow through the change implementation process.

Where are the custom programmes held ?

EDHEC’s custom programmes are delivered on all the EDHEC campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore. Some modules may take place on company premises or off campus in prestigious locations to cultivate new perspectives and innovation. Some courses include "learning expeditions", helping participants to see the big picture, embrace new horizons and understand today’s fast changing world.

How long are the programmes ?

EDHEC’s custom programmes are generally delivered over 12 to 18 months.

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