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Programmes for business organisations,
Directors, senior managers and leaders

#6 in the world:
Financial Times Executive Education 2022


In-class / Blended / 100% online

6-18 months on average


Because tomorrow’s leaders need to:


  • Comprehend the evolution of the wider business and socio-economic environment and understand the potential impact and opportunities;
  • Effectively manage and develop human capital;
  • Anticipate and overcome challenges with timely, relevant solutions and adaptations



At EDHEC Executive Education, we can support your organisation in developing your holistic leadership capabilities to enable your company to innovate, adapt and collaborate effectively. Together, we build truly customised and inspiring journeys that will support your strategy while respecting your culture and values.



  • Globalisation, disruption, digitalisation, social responsibility, crisis… Your organisation must constantly transform, adapt, and reinvent itself.
  • Constantly monitoring trends and changes, your leaders must anticipate how these evolutions can or will impact your business, your industry and your own internal organisation and so on. Your leadership team needs to be comfortable in ambiguous and uncertain environments, to be brave and take calculated risks to successfully overcome obstacles, whilst developing a resilience in the face of change.
  • To embody and champion change management and transformation initiatives and engage your employees and key stakeholders, your leaders and managers must develop their credibility, build trusting relationships to foster openness and collaboration. As a business you need to develop your individual and collective skills, and to refresh your knowledge and perspectives.
  • In times of crisis or in the face of a profound transformation, gaining and maintaining the support and alignment of key collaborators is critical; you need to create a mindset and environment which will allow everyone to express their potential; a culture which promotes gender and cultural diversity so that you are able to anticipate the expectations and needs of all the users of your products and services so that you can improve your potential and capacity to innovate.


  • Created by entrepreneurs more than 100 years ago, EDHEC has constantly adapted with the needs social, economic and strategic needs of businesses and today EDHEC is an internationally renowned Business School, and one of the top 15 schools in Europe.
  • Truly international and directly connected to the business world, EDHEC is known for the excellence of its research as well as for its ability to train entrepreneurs and managers who make a real difference. Functioning like a think-tank, EDHEC produces innovative solutions approved by companies. Its research permeates all its training programmes.
  • Our teaching approach is encriching, innovative, and diversified. When you engage in an EDHEC Executive Educations programme, you will embark on an unforgettable learning experience which will have an immediate impact on your business from day one.
  • Depending on the customized programme you need, we combine collective and individual approaches, in-class and e-learning methods tailored to you and your business.
  • We start advising and supporting you from the very our first contact, so that we can build a programme that is fully aligned with your challenges, target and demands. Our advice-based approach continues all along the programme: your satisfaction is the priority of our agile and responsive team. This collaborative and practical approach is why we are ranked 8th worldwide for custom programmes by the Financial Times.



Our approach

Examples of areas frequently covered in our custom programmes:



  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation and intrapreneurship
  • Financial performance
  • Marketing
  • Economical and legal environment



  • Building and implementing a vision
  • Developing team performance in a context of transformation
  • Organisational management
  • Team autonomy and accountability
  • HR and skills development management
  • Developing a coaching posture



  • Self-leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Non-verbal resources for leaders
  • Communicate with impact
  • Reflex workshops
  • Collective and/or individual coaching



EDHEC offers truly tailored and customized certified programmes which are rooted in business reality with an emphasis on operational implementation. True accelerators for the business challenges faced by your company.


Each programme is designed uniquely for your organisation. Here are a few examples of our bespoke and custom-made programmes created for our business clients:

An 8-month programme for OVH leaders to develop the 3 dimensions of their leadership: self-leadership, business leadership, interpersonal leadership.


  • How to know yourself better to be a better leader
  • Strategic thinking, vision and Business Model,
  • Managing in complexity
  • Finance for decision-makers

An 18-month, blended-learning certificate programme: 14 in-class modules + 40 hours of e-learning + coaching


  • Strategy and value creation
  • Sales management and negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Innovation
  • Legal management of business
  • Communicate with impact

An 8-month programme for the Group executives. 3 key moments complemented by 2 customizable modules.


  • Strategic vision, business model – customer value proposition
  • Leadership under pressure – Leaders as transformation operators
  • Developing agile ways of working


  • Team autonomy and responsibility workshop

A certified programme to develop the management skills of directors as well as a shared management culture, and engage them in a collective project.


  • Strategy and performance
  • Team management
  • Leadership and personal impact





  • Courses to provide operational and implementable outcomes
  • Learning expeditions to open up new perspectives and understand a fast-changing world
  • locations, to take a step back and get an overview of business in all dimensions
  • A collective dynamic: we work with your team to strengthen the group dynamics and develop a strong feeling of belonging
  • Custom support (360°, MBTI or DISC type explorations, coaching, tutoring)
  • Collective coaching
  • Measurement of the programme’s operational impact.
Edhec Custom Programmes



  • Custom programmes are taught by a team made up of:
    EDHEC Professors,
    Outside experts,
    Executive Coaches specialised in individual and collective support for leaders and executives,
    Executives, leaders, or entrepreneurs who share their experience or best practices.
  • To suit each project, speakers are selected based on their expertise, experience, and teaching & consulting skills.
  • Our professors and experts know the goals of your programme, your context and the context of the participants. They know the programme as a whole, including the other areas covered, so their approach will be relevant and applicable to you.
  • The impact of our programme on your business is measurable, and we are able to monitor the way all changes are implemented.


Our clients trust us to develop operational and relevant training programmes that both strengthen management skills and develop the human values of a company. They appreciate the advice-based approach we follow all along the programme, as well as the quality of our agile, responsive, and committed project management approach.

“Our clients appreciate our custom programmes for their impact. Tomorrow’s leaders are not homogenised with standardised emotions and behaviours. They are people whose business skills are amplified and defined by cultivated human and emotional qualities. Our programmes are designed collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we can have a positive impact on both operational and cultural aspects of the business in the short, medium and long term.”

Custom Programmes Director


Who teaches the programmes ?

The custom programmes offered by EDHEC Business School are delivered by a top-flight teaching faculty, made up of academic experts and business professionals that include directors and board members with long experience on the ground. Taking your specific context and issues into account, they incorporate them into the course programme. The teaching faculty tailors the results-driven learning process to your own situation. This approach has a significant impact on your business as we closely follow through the change implementation process.

Where are the custom programmes held ?

EDHEC’s custom programmes are delivered on all the EDHEC campuses in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore. Some modules may take place on company premises or off campus in prestigious locations to cultivate new perspectives and innovation. Some courses include "learning expeditions", helping participants to see the big picture, embrace new horizons and understand today’s fast changing world.

How long are the programmes ?

EDHEC’s custom programmes are generally delivered over 12 to 18 months.

Your contact

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Custom Programmes Director
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