EDHEC EMBA with healthcare track (HIT)​

Track in partnership with UTC
From healthcare expert to entrepreneurial leader

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Paris region,
once a month (Wednesday - Saturday)

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March ou September

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6 month track as part of the 16 month EMBA

EDHEC EMBA with healthcare track (HIT)​



Manage the challenges and changes in the Global Healthcare Economy.


The EDHEC Executive MBA now offers a 6 month specialisation track in Healthcare Innovation & Technology in partnership with UTC. The programme combines excellence in entrepreneurial business leadership with healthcare innovation. This option is designed to equip healthcare managers & professionals with a global business vision to lead with confidence in the fast-changing health eco-system.

You can also choose from a wide range of electives as an alternative to the specialisation track. Find out more about our top-ranked EMBA programme here.



For You

From healthcare expert to confident, entrepreneurial leader: gain the skills and vision you need to manage the challenges and changes in the global healthcare economy with the EDHEC EMBA with specialisation track in healthcare, innovation & technology (HIT).

  • Develop your business acumen, critical thinking and decision-making skills through a rigorous, hands-on programme delivered by leading professors and experts from EDHEC Executive Education as part of the top-ranked EDHEC EMBA.
  • Gain new insights and perspectives on leadership and business through executive coaching, 2 global business trips, action learning and from collaborating with peers from inside and outside the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Understand the impact of current and future innovation and technology evolutions affecting the wider healthcare environment and learn how to manage performance and drive sustainable value creation delivered by leading scientific & healthcare technology experts from UTC, a world-class engineering school recognised in biomedical & health research and innovation.
  • Apply your expertise and new cross-discipline business vision to deliver a practical, real-life solution to a healthcare challenge or entrepreneurial project to demonstrate your healthcare leadership capabilities.

For Your Organisation

Equip your most talented and essential experts with the leadership skills and the vision needed to drive healthcare innovation and leverage technology to create sustainable value for your organisation.

  • The EDHEC EMBA with 6 month healthcare innovation and technology (HIT) specialisation track in partnership with UTC, a world-class engineering school recognised in biomedical & health research and innovation, enables you to develop your specialists into confident and inspirational leaders.
  • Leaders who will be able to lead and anticipate change from both a business and technology stand point, understand complexity and see the bigger picture of the healthcare ecosystem to drive innovation and sustainable value creation for you, your patients and your organisation.
  • As the EDHEC healthcare MBA is part-time and a balanced combination of theoretical and action-learning, your organisation will see the benefits from day one as participants develop a holistic overview of the challenges and perspectives needed for effective healthcare leadership.
  • During the programme, participants are required to complete a consulting project which can be directly related to your organisation and present a solution to a current, real-life issue or opportunity.

Track Content

The unique healthcare specialisation track is part of the EDHEC Executive MBA and combines the international business leadership expertise of EDHEC Business School with the technological innovation of UTC, a world-class engineering school recognised in biomedical & health research and innovation.

Business fundamentals

Business fundamentals to strengthen your strategic & business management and entrepreneurial capabilities - 15 courses to give you actionable knowledge and insights. Being part of the EDHEC EMBA cohort will allow you to gain different perspectives and build an enriching network of peers from a cross-section of industries and responsibilities. Read more on the business fundamentals and overall EMBA programme here.

Business trips

2 stimulating global business trips to give you first-hand insights into some of the world’s most evolving economies and emerging markets. Read more on the learning expeditions here.


Personalised coaching and leadership development – 20% of the programme is dedicated to principled healthcare leadership and your professional development. Read more on the personalised coachin here.

In partnership with UTC

A 6-month part time Healthcare Innovation and Technology Specialisation in partnership with UTC designed to give you a in-depth knowledge and overview of the key trends and transformations facing your industry:

  • Understanding the Global Healthcare Ecosystem
  • The Changing Landscape and Impact of Technology on Healthcare
  • Driving Innovation & Value Creation in Healthcare Organisations
  • Managing Healthcare Performance, Accountability & Ethics

Consulting project

1 individual consulting project giving you a hands-on experiential learning experience, applying what you have learned to a real-life healthcare challenge of your choice, enabling you to demonstrate your healthcare leadership capabilities.

Edhec Healthcare MBA

healthcare MBA teachers

The EDHEC EMBA with 6 month healthcare innovation and technology (HIT) specialisation track in partnership with UTC offers managers, leaders and healthcare specialists with the opportunity to develop and collaborate with peers from outside the healthcare industry during the business fundamentals and global trips. However, during the Healthcare Innovation & Technology specialisation period, you will work with, meet and be guided by specialists from the health ecosystem. The HIT specialism allows you to gain a focussed insight into key innovations and technological drivers impacting healthcare sector, whilst developing a holistic, global business vision and new international network. You can also choose from a wide range of business electives instead of the 6 month healthcare track. Read more on the elective option here.

Module 1: Understanding the Global Healthcare Ecosystem

In this module you will gain a global overview of the wider healthcare ecosystem to give you a holistic view of the key stakeholders, evolutions and fundamental technological processes & tools.

  • World health and global evolutions
  • Concentration vs deconcentration of healthcare delivery organisation
  • Information systems & medical data measurement
  • Health insurance & payments models
  • Laws & norms in healthcare technologies and processes

Module 2: The Changing Landscape & Impact of Technology on Healthcare

How is technology changing the healthcare industry? From the hospitals of the future to the uses of AI & blockchain, understand the key innovations which are transforming the ecosystem.

  • Medicine and hospitals of the future
  • The digitized patient and the digital twins
  • Genetic and personalised medicine
  • Information system urbanisation: the impact of block chain production in healthcare

Module 3: Driving Innovation & Value Creation in Healthcare Organisations

Identify the key influences and opportunities to innovate and create sustainable value in the healthcare industry and organisations.

  • From lab to market – the innovation process
  • Innovation opportunities: from medical imaging monitoring through to e-labs, rapid 3D prototyping and cyber physics
  • Financing and organisation in the healthcare ecosystem
  • Responsible and sustainable performance

Module 4: Managing Healthcare Performance, Accountability and Ethics

Innovation and technology bring value but also critical questions around accountability and ethics which healthcare leaders need to understand.

  • Performance measurement and application in industrial models in healthcare: S.W.O.T
  • Penal responsibility of the different stakeholders
  • Ethics question for medicine and new healthcare technologies
  • Cybersecurity, healthcare product security, biological and chemical security

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About UTC-Compiègne

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The healthcare ecosystem is complex because of its’ fundamental impact on our lives, the institutional diversity and the key challenges faced by the businesses operating from small clinics to start-ups through to global medical and pharma conglomerates. From digitalization and new business models through to changing healthcare needs, companies need well-rounded leaders who are able to master the best business & entrepreneurial practices and anticipate, manage and lead innovation and change.

Denis DAUCHY, PhD.,
Professor of strategy at EDHEC Business School, Director of EDHEC Executive MBA & Co-director of the EMBA HIT

The recent pandemy demonstrated the major importance of health in a globalised world with huge economic and ecologic constraints. In such a context, new healthcare company leaders have to be able to promote innovations, new technologies and new skills, and invent new organisations to face these stakes.

Biomedical researcher at Compiègne university of technology  Head of Health technology MS program & Co-director of the EMBA HIT


  • The part-time Executive MBA specialising in Healthcare Innovation & Technology is ideal for experienced managers and healthcare specialists as well as entrepreneurs and medical & clinical consultantsand experts with at least 8 years management experience.
  • From lab engineers to scientific experts through to medical practice or hospital managers, whether you manage your own clinic, work for a pharmaceutical, biotech or medtech company or would like to move back into the healthcare industry, if you are committed to building your healthcare leadership capabilities, giving your career a new dimension and wanting to manage and lead the challenges and changes faced by your business, then the EDHEC EMBA specialising in Healthcare Innovation & Technology in partnership with UTC could be the best choice for you, your company and your career.


Selection Criteria

Whilst every profile is unique and we consider each candidate carefully, our standard admissions criteria is:​

  • A bachelor degree or equivalent
  • 8 years of professional experience in the healthcare or related industry
  • Proficiency in English


If you are unsure if you have the right profile or want to find out if the EMBA HIT is a good match for you, email Julie LE GOUEZ or submit your profile for evaluation and an admissions manager will get in touch. ​​


45 000€* excluding VAT
(The fee includes all tuition fees and accommodation costs for the 2 business trips but does not include the flight)

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change


This programme is eligible for the French personal training account scheme (CPF) - Code 245001.

Financing your EMBA

Choosing to do an Executive MBA at EDHEC is a great choice to help you to develop your capacity to lead and to shape your career, but we also recognise that it is also a financial commitment and requires planning. Below you will find some details on scholarships and funding options, but please get in touch to get more personalised help and advice.



We believe that the one of the greatest benefits of our Executive MBA programme is the diversity of the class. Creating a new professional network, learning from and being supported by your peers makes the experience deeply rich and rewarding which is why we have 4 generous scholarship options to help.



To support and promote equality and gender diversity in our class and in the boardroom.

20% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



To support and promote cultural diversity in our class, this scholarship is open to dual nationals and internationals currently working and residing in France.

20% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



For applicants who live and work outside of France, this scholarship is designed to encourage and support participants who are looking to gain and share a truly global vision from one of the leading business schools in France and Europe.

30% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



For applicants who are personally financing the programme

15% reduction off the programme fees (excluding VAT).

The scholarships are based on the current programme fees of 45 000 € excluding VAT*. You can get more information here.

If you are eligible for a scholarship, you will automatically be awarded the most beneficial scholarship for you as the scholarships are not accumulated. To find out if you are eligible, please get in touch with our admissions team who will be happy to assess your situation.

Depending on whether you are working & living in France or abroad, there are a number of options to help you finance your programme, click here to find out more.


Compte Personnel de Formation

If you are employed by a French company then you may be eligible to get some financial support through the CPF as the EDHEC EMBA is eligible.

(CPF : Code 245001)



Online profile form

To find out if the EMBA Hit programme is right for you, you can start by completing our easy, online profile form and a programme advisor will get in touch for a short discussion. Or you can contact Julie LE GOUEZ.

Admissions Process

  • Initial Interview with the Programme Advisor
  • Discussion with participants and Alumni
  • Application form
  • A face-to-face Interview with the Programme Director
  • Response of the admissions committee


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