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Global Business trips



Discover the new business models that allow to grasp the challenges of globalisation
To help them gain a better understanding of the challenges raised by globalisation and how to deal with them, the students take part in 2 one-week Global Business Trips.
The Global Business Trips help you explore how economic and political models work in relation to western models, understand the mechanics of competition, and identify key business success factors. The trips also help you to step back, develop strategic sensitivity and acquire new managerial reflexes in project and people management. The Global Business Trip includes a range of complementary activities:

  • Conferences to understand the country’s cultural environment.
  • In-company visits and discussions with local managers to link theory with practice.
  • Team workshops to draw up the Global Business Report.


The Global Business Report

At the end of the business trip, students form teams to write a detailed report on an industry or company of their choice: the Global Business Report.
This report gives them the opportunity to gauge the insights acquired during the business trip, and to demonstrate their ability to apply the tools presented during the course to real-life conditions.

The aim of the Global Business Report is twofold:

  • To anticipate the trends emanating from the new market economies and identify alternative management models
  • To develop the ability to "think strategically" by adopting a cross-sector approach and synthetic thinking, examine competitive trends in an environment with little information by learning to decipher weak signals and rumours, and enhance strategic sensitivity by making intuition a factor in decision making.