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The Consulting Project



The EDHEC Executive MBA consulting project consists of drafting recommendations, in the same way as a real consultant, on a concrete topic linked to your career plan and that is useful to the business organisation. It may concern the company you work for, one of its customers, or a company that you would like to found or take over. It involves both a long-term take of the future and a real understanding of the present, demonstrating a keen sense of reality that combines good sense, reaction and action. You will be supported by both a coach and a member of the teaching faculty in this exercise, and will discuss the work with the other members of your team.


This is the final stage of your programme. It has 3 objectives :

  • To help consolidate the theory acquired during your study programme and put it into practice.
  • To acquire a problem-solving methodology with a strategic bias (project management, framing a problem, diagnosis methods, developing and communicating proposals, etc.)
  • To develop formal strategic and cross-sector recommendations for a real management issue, similar to those you will develop later on.


Students defend their consulting project orally in front of a 2-person panel who examine the clarity and thrust of the diagnosis as well as the relevance of the recommendations envisaged.