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Programme Contents



EDHEC Executive MBA programme is based on a highly innovative approach built around three areas:

Leadership Development Seminars

EDHEC Executive MBA programme puts great emphasis on collaborative activities to help develop your leadership skills and strategic prowess. A series of seminars complete the group dynamics with a human-sized class located on the Lille and Paris campuses, with the aim of enhancing personal efficiency and decision-making skills.


Team workshops & Career Development

Dozens of case studies, often based on professional issues that members of the team have come up against, mean that you debate your ideas and formulate joint recommendations. In this active learning context, the teamwork activities hone your leadership skills and help you to understand how an efficient team works and the best attitude to adopt to boost your team’s performance.


Individual support through 5 tailored coaching sessions

EDHEC Executive MBA combines dense and high performance learning with intense tailored support. Students are given personal tutoring to complete their project and develop their leadership so that later on, they can shoulder their responsabilities fully and serenely.
Organised at regular intervals during the course of the programme, the individual coaching sessions cover three main areas:

  • Development of managerial skills,
  • Career management,
  • Decision making..

Two additional sessions will help you to customize your approach to the ‘decision-making’ module.