Financing your programme


Would you like to join an EDHEC MBA or Executive MBA (EMBA), or a degree programme for managers or business executives? Do you need help or advice on how to finance your executive programme? There are several options that may be adapted to your situation depending on your profile.


Candidates of all nationalities who have lived in France and worked for the same company for more than two years are eligible for the FONGECIF.

You can tax deduct your tuition payments in several countries. We suggest you contact your local tax office for the details. You will need to provide your invoice or a receipt to make a claim.


Bank Loans

The vast majority of candidates finance their MBA or Executive Training Programme with a bank loan secured in their home country. International students are not allowed to apply for a bank loan in France without a French guarantor under French banking law.


Discover the device

EDHEC offers a significant number of scholarships for each programme.

EDHEC scholarship policy aims to enhance the values we seek to maintain in the class profile of each programme - high standards, diversity and equality.
There are a range of other external scholarships and sources of financial aid for which candidates may be eligible. These include scholarships available within your home country or via the French embassy.


Am I eligible ?

For self-financing participants, EDHEC will waive the cost of the 20% VAT added to the tuition fees.


EDHEC will help you to complete the process, adapting as much as possible to your needs.

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