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General Management Accelerated Programme

Intensive programme to explore new ideas


March, June, October

1 to 3 weeks

General Management Accelerated Programme

Course Aims

Fast track programme designed by EDHEC Business School for business executives : develop your ability to anticipate change, make decisions in a volatile environment, and reshape your leadership and managerial practices.


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  • Rapidly understand new challenges
  • Anticipate new business models and drive changes
  • Improve your strategic agility
  • Create the future for yourself and your organisation

EDHEC provides

  • Frameworks and reflexes to anticipate and become a driving force
  • Enhanced skills in strategy and finance to create value
  • Tools for innovative managerial practices
  • New business opportunities


Fast track business impact.


The new leadership challenges

Supporting, negotiating and communicating change/Remaining a leader within a network/Leadership and the Army/Top level negotiations/Social relations during change/Learn to manage and communicate during a crisis

  • 3 days - EDHEC Paris

  • 2 days - Military School (Paris)

Strategies and new business models

Defining my line of force/Understanding value migrations/Reiventing the operational model/Strategy and business models/Disruptive strategies/Big Data and predictive marketing/Reinventing organisations/Start-up strategy

  • 3 days - EDHEC Paris

  • 2 days - French Tech (Paris)

Finance for tomorrow’s decision-makers

Choose your management tools. Identify the best performance levers. Understand for better decision-making/The basics of financial analysis/Grasp the financial outcomes of investment decisions/Learn to dialogue with internal and external finance experts/ Merger and acquisition levers

  • 3 days - EDHEC Paris

  • 2 days - EDHEC Paris


Enhance your strategic skills AND grow your professional network.



Opt for one of our 30-hour modules delivered by EDHEC Executive MBA programme in Paris and grow your professional network:

  • Criminal Risk Management
  • E-commerce
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Information Management Systems

*Option at additional cost


Join other EDHEC Executive programme participants on one of their business trips.Programme includes: conferences, workshops, company visits, meetings with managers and local business leaders.

Past topics include:

  • International business in Mumbai
  • Innovation & new technologies in San Francisco
  • The markets from South Asia to Singapour
  • Business development in Shanghai

** Option with all-inclusive package fee: destinations and dates of Business trips 2018 to be confirmed.

A programme for senior executives and business Leaders


A prospective approach

Backed up by EDHEC’s expertise in strategy, leadership and finance, learn to:

  • Pick up signals
  • Identify trends
  • Make the right decisions

An exploratory approach

Shift the focus of your expertise and explore unusual, stimulating and innovative environments:

  • Plunge into the world of start-ups at Euratechnologies
  • Talk to business leaders in Paris, Lille and London
  • Discover new leadership styles at the Ecole Militaire (military school)

An experiential approach

Understand by « doing » :

  • Apply the principles of Design Thinking at the Ecole de Ponts – Paris Tech
  • Experience an acquisition negotiation;
  • Simulate an operations theatre at the French War School

Admissions and Cost

  • Interview

  • Application form

  • Decision by the Admissions panel


Start dates:

March, June, October

Intensive Certified Format:

3 weeks: 11 000€ excl. VAT

Modular Format :

  • 1 week: 5 000€ excl. VAT
  • 2 weeks: 8 000€ excl. VAT


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Is the course compatible with my job?

EDHEC’s General Management Acceleration Programme is a 3-week, fast-track course delivered over a period of 6 months. Each week, participants will enjoy courses, talks by business leaders and experts, and off-campus seminars. The courses take place from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (times indicative only). You can also join other EDHEC Executive elective. The optional executive courses will help you to extend your knowledge and grow your professional network with participants from EDHEC’s MBA programme and the business executives programme, or during the optional Business Trip with participants from the Advanced Management Programme.

How are the off-campus courses organised?

Every week, a different topic is covered (strategy, finance, leadership, mega-trends) from a topical perspective. The courses take place on the EDHEC campus in Paris, situated in the middle of the business district between the Bourse and the Opéra. Some modules are organised off-campus with partner institutions: the world of start-ups at Euratechnologies in Lille, the French War School, the most prestigious training institute for senior commanders in the French army, located in the military school in Paris, or the D-School at the Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech. Priority is on discussing and comparing experiences between participants. Learning comes from the numerous encounters, the study of other organisations and original teaching input.

Who are the other participants?

Each group is made up of senior managers, decision makers, executives and future executives. They all have extensive business experience, on average between 8 and 20 years. They have managed staff either directly or indirectly, with successful experience in positions of responsibility. Each EDHEC General Acceleration Management Programme class is unique: it forms the perfect venue for valuable encounters and discussions with other professionals.

What is the level?

EDHEC’s General Management Acceleration Programme is an executive diploma course delivered by EDHEC Business School’s Executive Education. On successful completion, the students receive an EDHEC certificate: the Certificate of Business Administration (CBA).
There is an assessment every week, and presence and participation are also taken into account. To receive your certificate, you must have attended and validated the 3 weeks of courses at EDHEC. There are no exams at the end of the course.

Will I be able to join the EDHEC Alumni network ?

Enrolment in a General Management Acceleration Programme means that you automatically join the EDHEC Alumni network. This highly active professional network has over 30,000 graduates in 120 countries worldwide. The members work hard to support the network, extending the reach of EDHEC Business School at local, regional and international level.

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