How will the crisis impact future business strategy: what new factors and accelerations will emerge after the crisis?

By Denis Dauchy, PhD., Professor of Strategy at EDHEC Business School, Director of EDHEC Executive MBA. 

The current COVID-19 crisis presents unsettling challenges across the business world. But as leaders, we could also see it as an opportunity to take a step back and reflect both on the way we develop our business strategies and on the key factors and accelerations that will emerge after the crisis. 

As part of the Spotlight Webinar Series from EDHEC Executive Education, Denis Dauchy draws from his dual experience as a Professor of Strategy and external consultant, to give insights on some key strategic issues

- Is strategic planning still relevant?
- What new types of foresight should be taken into account?
- How to integrate the need for resilience?
- How will this crisis accelerate the creation of new value chains and strategic platforms?
- Will the need to rethink corporate purpose endure? And what about the new types of organization tested during the crisis?

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