This result reflects EDHEC’s enduring determination to support women in their career evolution, and to make gender diversity a key feature of the Global MBA programme.  

The Financial Times created the first-ever ranking of the world’s best MBAs for women, placing EDHEC Global MBA at the 40th position. This new ranking takes into account not only the overall quality of MBA programmes, but also their more specific outcome for female graduates, including in terms of career and salary evolution.

Advancing gender diversity and providing tailored support

With women making up 90% of the School administration, including the two Global MBA co-directors, Academic Director Julia Milner and Program Director and Head of Careers Sandra Richez, advancing gender diversity has always been part of EDHEC’s priorities for the programme.

"The fact that the two directors of our Global MBA programme are women is not an anecdote. It proves our attachment to gender diversity, and it definitely impacts the way we understand the specific challenges faced by women in the course of their careers." 
Benoit Arnaud, Associate Dean, Director, EDHEC Executive Education and MBAs

To maintain gender diversity in the class, a scholarship was created in partnership with the Professional Women’s Network (PWN): every year, PWN members who are admitted to the Global MBA receive the equivalent of 20% of their tuition fees. Career services also provide tailored support to female MBA participants. For example, Monthly Power Breakfasts for women are organized in partnership with PWN and IBM, to exchange ideas and experience on such a variety of topics as salary equity and negotiation, leadership, or harassment in the workplace. The overall objective of this multi-faceted policy is simple: to ensure that the Global MBA programme has the same impact and return on investment for everybody, regardless of gender.

"The MBA programme at EDHEC helped me to get out of my comfort zone and aim higher. I believe that women are closer to unlocking their potential in business and taking up more leadership roles thanks to programs like the EDHEC Global MBA"
Britta Tilsner, Global MBA ‘14 – read full interview on Business Because.

EDHEC Business School confirmed its position as 75th worldwide and 4th on the “Value for Money” criterion in the Financial Times 2018 ranking of Global MBAs published today.

This result once again underlines the growing recognition commanded by EDHEC in international rankings. The School recently solidified its position among the top 15 European Business Schools and in the global top 20 of Masters in Management according to the Financial Times.

New Digital Innovation track

Artificial intelligence occupies a central role in EDHEC’s Global MBA programme, as witnessed by the creation of a new Digital Innovation specialisation track co-produced with IBM France.

The track is built around 3 weeks of classes focusing on digital transformation, managing change, artificial intelligence, and design thinking. Classes enable participants to deepen their knowledge of technical concepts like blockchain, hybrid cloud and machine learning with experts from IBM France, with a 1-week business trip to strategic IBM facilities: the Design Thinking studio dedicated to digital transformation and creativity, the Global Industry Solutions Center and the Scale Zone, the new area devoted to industrialising innovation projects between start-ups and mature companies. The Paris learning expedition will also include firms like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services in addition to France’s young digital leaders Criteo and Mercimaman, with the opportunity to learn from sectorial giants like Accor Hotels in their digital transformation.

This new track adds to two existing courses created in partnership with Google, Amazon and Amadeus: Big Data & Artificial Intelligence @ Work and Essentials of Operations and Supply Chain.

New international management

In order to strengthen this international momentum, the programme is moving to a new international co-management structure, with Julia Milner, PhD, of German nationality, serving as Academic Director, and Sandra Richez, of US nationality, as Programme Director.


  • Objectives: Development of competencies in key disciplines (finance/strategy) and focus on soft skills (individual coaching).
  • Content: 2 business trips (South Africa and choice of Silicon Valley, Singapore, London, Paris)
  • 4 customised tracks: International Finance, Global Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation
  • Consulting project / Customised career support
  • Duration: 10 months full time on the Nice campus
  • 2017 class:
    • Average age of 32 and 8 years’ of professional experience
    • 36 nationalities (Asia/America/Europe/Africa/Middle East) / 40% women


EDHEC in the most recent international rankings

European Business Schools - FT 2017 TOP 15 (14th) TOP 3
Programmes Executive & MBA    
FT Global MBA 2018 TOP 100 (75th) TOP 3
FT Top MBA for Entrepreneurship 2017 TOP 50 (39th) TOP 3
FT Executive MBA 2017 TOP 100 (86th) //
FT Executive Education 2017 (combiné) TOP 30 (29th) TOP 5 (4th)
Programmes Masters    
FT Masters in Management 2017 TOP 20 (16th) TOP 5 (4th)
FT MSc in Finance 2017 N°1 N°1



The results of the QS Global MBA Ranking 2018 have just been announced, with EDHEC Global MBA ranked as the 15th MBA in Europe and 29th MBA in the world. The amazing diversity of its class and faculty is one of the factors which make the programme stand out: it ranks 2nd on this indicator.

With 232 schools evaluated in over 40 countries, the Best Global MBA Ranking carried out by British think-tank Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is one of the most comprehensive and prestigious of its kind. Criteria used by QS include alumni employability and the way MBA graduates succeed in their career. And because a growing number of them choose to start their own business after their MBA, the success of their entrepreneurial projects is also considered. Diversity of class and faculty, in terms of nationalities and gender, is also key. More generally, programmes are also evaluated in terms of the return on investment they represent for participants.

EDHEC MBA, 2nd MBA in the world for diversity

EDHEC Global MBA stands out at European level, where it ranks 15th, but also at global level, where it ranks 29th. The programme particulary shines in terms of diversity, ranking 2nd at European and Global levels. This year’s class brings together more than 30 nationalities, with about 91% of international students. A diversity of nationalities but also of gender: 42% of EDHEC MBA participants are women, a significant figure for this type of programme. QS also takes into account faculty diversity, and 46% of Global MBA professors are international.

"This wide diversity of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds enables all participants to learn from the experience and perspectives of others, and to go out of their comfort zone to develop a leadership that is more open to the world and adapted to today’s globalized business environment."
Sandra Richez, Programme Director, EDHEC Global MBA.

This diversity represents a considerable added value for the managers who come every year from all parts of the world to embark on the Global MBA adventure, and change the course of their careers forever.

Last but not least, the programme also does particularly well in terms of employability, being ranked 12th MBA in Europe on this indicator and scoring higher than continental average.

What better way to develop an innovative leadership than by meeting those who are inventing contemporary business? Amadeus, a partner of EDHEC’s Global MBA, welcomed the executives and entrepreneurs of the programme for a one-day "business trek".

In Villeneuve-Loubet, within a few miles from EDHEC’s Nice campus, participants dove into the heart of one of the world’s foremost tech companies, Amadeus, leading provider of IT solutions for the global tourism and travel industry.

"This one-day immersion is an opportunity for participants to face up to on-the-ground reality by interacting with a powerful technology player. Going out of the campus is a way to get off the beaten track, and to open up their view of business."
Cécile Benchetrit, Career & Corporate Services Consultant for EDHEC Executive Education.

On site, they were able to talk with Amadeus executives about the opportunities and challenges of digital innovation for companies in all sectors. They also met with Global MBA alumni who are now Amadeus collaborators, as the group is one of the programme’s top employers.

Experience sharing and action learning at the heart of the Global MBA.

This event was part of a broader partnership between EDHEC’s Global MBA and Amadeus, demonstrating EDHEC’s will to offer an MBA programme deeply in tune with corporate realities. The academic approach is thus based on experience sharing and action learning: it is about learning by confronting on-the-ground challenges, but also learning from the experience of other professionals’ by meeting key players of today’s business world.

It is in this same spirit of sharing that Amadeus also collaborates with MBA participants for a Consulting Project, and that group collaborators teach them classes on Big Data and on Tableau, a data visualization tool. An opportunity, each time, for interesting discussions.

"It’s been a real pleasure teaching the EDHEC Global MBA students, explained Yvan Fornes, Business Analytics Senior Consultant at Amadeus, in an article published on the Tableau blog last June. Because they enrich the class with their extensive professional experiences from countries from all over the world, I’ve been able to improve and refine my teaching methodology."

This multi-faceted partnership, as connected with business realities as possible, enables MBA participants to develop a richer view of business strategy and leadership.

The annual "EDHEC MBA Refresher" took place on October 14th on EDHEC Business School Campus in Nice, at the heart of the beautiful French Riviera. This event was an exciting opportunity for this close-knit network of former MBA students to catch-up with their fellow alumni and former professors, and to meet current participants.

The theme of this year’s event was "Dive into digital". It included keynote sessions by tech professionals such as Greger Ottosson, Director Product Management at IBM, and James Bourie, MBA 2012 and Chief Executive and Founder of Nisos Group, as well as interactive, collective workshops. Participants gained insight on how data and technology are impacting business and society, and how digital disruptions – from cyber security to big data and AI – are forcing managers to reinvent the way they work.

This was also a time for experience sharing and networking. Together, alumni and current MBA participants make for a powerful and very diverse community, with people coming from more than 30 countries, and with experience ranging from 3 to more than 15 years in different sectors, functions and firms, including Amazon, Accenture or IBM. For Sandra Richez, EDHEC Global MBA Programme Direcor, this network is a key benefit of the Global MBA experience: "In today’s interconnected world, the importance of a trusted network is vital for leaders and managers to progress. At EDHEC, networking begins on day one in class and continues after graduation."

"More than ever, job hunting is based on one’s ability to build and leverage their network. Being part of a class with so many different nationalities and profiles contributed to make EDHEC’s Global MBA both a self-discovery journey and a career turning point". Abubakr Abdelmoteleb, MBA 2014, Management Consultant at Quick-Wins

The power of a diverse and lively community

This reunion was an opportunity for everyone to reflect on the impact the MBA program has had on their careers and on how being part of such a dynamic network has helped them achieve their post-MBA plans. Milagro Cornejo, MBA 2013, Global Account and Market Activity manager at Socialyse, who used to work in Peru then joined Socialyse (Havas) in France after her MBA, explains: "Meeting people from different countries challenged my preconceived ideas. It made me realize the world is much bigger than I thought, and it is something I really use in my new job, as part of a global team." Whether they made lifelong friendships, met business associates or simply expanded and strengthened their professional network, sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience has broadened the horizons of all participants, both personally and professionally.

"The Global MBA completely changed the course of my career. Being part of this wonderful network has helped me develop a global view of the world. It has given me the curiosity to explore more, all the time." Chantal Fleuret, MBA 1997, Senior Partner, Global Executive Learning (GEL)

So despite their very different backgrounds and profiles, all participants and alumni agree: combined with academic excellence and tailor-made career services, the power of this Alumni network contributes to making EDHEC’s Global MBA a life - and career - changing adventure.


Innovation and new technologies are at the heart of EDHEC’s Global MBA, a high-level program training executive and entrepreneurs from all over the world to master the key issues of contemporary business. The creation of this dedicated track enables EDHEC to go further, relying on the skills, knowledge and experience of IBM France’s Global Business Services, whose consulting activities for some of the world’s biggest companies combine technological expertise.

"IBM joins the circle of EDHEC’s Global MBA prestigious academic partners, which already includes Amadeus, Google and Amazon. This partnership is an opportunity for EDHEC and IBM to build a strong relationship, which includes IBM’s participation in conferences and roundtable discussions and other campus initiatives."
Sandra Richez, Head of EDHEC’s Global MBA Careers & Corporate Services

An immersion into an ultra-innovative group

The Digital Innovation Track will take place over one month. A third of its classes will be co-produced by EDHEC’s Global MBA and IBM France and taught by IBMers. They will touch on topics such as digital transformation, change management, the history and development of artificial intelligence, IoT and design thinking. Participants will also deepen their knowledge of such technical notions as blockchain, hybrid cloud and machine learning.

For Karin Kollenz-Quétard, PhD, Professor of Strategy, Innovation, Disruption and Digital Transformation : "This new track will open our MBA students to a digital innovation mindset. They will gain perspective on how data and emerging technologies are impacting business and how companies can succeed in view of these changes.

Participants will also visit IBM France sites that symbolize the group’s deeply innovative culture, such as its Sophia Antipolis R&D Lab or its Design Thinking studio, Global Industry Solutions Center and "Scale Zone", a new space dedicated to industrializing innovation projects between start-ups and other companies, in Bois-Colombes, near Paris.

A dynamic that is also consistent with IBM’s will to develop a learning community around its fields of expertise, through direct interaction with the talents of EDHEC’s Global MBA.

Like every year, these new MBA participants make for an incredibly diverse group. They come not only from more than 30 countries to study at EDHEC’s Nice Campus, on the French Riviera, but also from very different fields, ranging from consulting to finance, manufacturing, healthcare or the public sector. Different functions are also represented, from marketing to supply chain or human resources. This multidimensional diversity will ensure a fascinating exchange of ideas and perspectives in class and team projects.

With an average age of 32.5 and average work experience of 8 years, these professionals all intend to develop their global leadership and give their careers a more international turn, whether it involves taking up new functions, changing company, or starting their own business.

"In a very hands-on way, this orientation week showed participants how teamwork, cross-cultural communication and leadership contribute to high performance in a global setting," Sandra Richez, EDHEC MBA Acting Programme Director.

A treasure hunt to build up team spirit

Orientation was first about getting to know one another. It included a one-day excursion to a beautiful wine estate, where participants took part in a one-of-a-kind outdoor treasure hunt. For Sandra Richez, EDHEC MBA Acting Programme Director, “this team-building exercise allowed them to see the impact of teamwork, leadership and communication while keeping a positive work atmosphere - something which will certainly help juggle demanding class assignments in the months to come.

Another highlight of the week was a Managerial Competencies seminar, a practical reflection about the way individual personalities and team dynamics impact business and performance. “It was an enjoyable and educational experience, Adam Skrzypczyk, a participant from Poland, explains, which allowed me to integrate with the class and gain insight into my own personality.” A memorable way to start the Global MBA adventure !


To learn more about EDHEC’s Global MBA, feel free to contact us:

After five years in banking and financial technology – fintech – in her native Ukraine, Kateryna Myronenko relocated to the South of France for a 10-month, full-time MBA program at EDHEC Business School.

Why? EDHEC is ranked first in Europe for entrepreneurship by QS, and first in France for opening new career opportunities by the Economist. 92% of EDHEC MBAs land new jobs within three months of graduation.

A global MBA experience, 37 different nationalities are represented in the MBA class. The program includes two one-week international trips – Kateryna visited Cape Town and San Francisco. The current MBA class is 42% women.

Now, Kateryna wants to break into the technology industry, and become a leading woman in tech.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA at EDHEC?

Read full article on business because

Yvan Fornes
Business Analytics Senior Consultant chez Amadeus
June 6, 2017


I recently had the privilege of teaching my passion—data visualization—at the EDHEC Global MBA program in Nice, France. I was sent by my company, Amadeus, the leading IT solutions provider for the travel industry and largest processor of travel bookings in the world.

As institutions with similar goals, EDHEC and Amadeus often collaborate. For several years, EDHEC Global MBA participants have spent two months consulting for Amadeus, providing valuable project insights. In addition to welcoming interns from EDHEC, Amadeus also recruits graduates from the MBA program, as it is ranked among the top 25 in the world by The Economist.

A curriculum for onboarding Tableau

The goal of my one-day class was to teach students how to answer a business question using Tableau. To achieve this goal in such a short period, I had to find a way to make the students learn by themselves before and after class. When I’m asked how to teach Tableau, I usually recommend doing it in five steps:

1. Familiarize yourself with the basics to understand concepts like using pills, shelves, aggregation, and data types. There are great videos on the Tableau site that explain these principles. I asked students to watch the videos below to get comfortable with visual analytics:

  • Getting started
  • Getting Started with Data
  • Getting Stated with Visual Analytics
  • Understanding the Understanding the data types (Dimensions vs Measure, Continuous vs Discrete)
  • Aggregation, granularity and ratio calculation
  • Getting started with dashboards and stories


2. Get hands-on by creating your first dashboards. Before the class, students had to publish a draft visualization to Tableau Public. The criteria? Answer a business question with a public data set that I provided.

3. Attend an advanced class or two to learn deeper concepts. Myself, I waited too long (two years) to pursue advanced classes: I would have saved a lot of time by finding one sooner. My recommendation is to do so a few months after you start using Tableau. This will allow you to elucidate and apply more complicated concepts—for example, differentiating between row-level, aggregated, LOD, and table calculations.

4. Have a look at the Tableau Public gallery. Find vizzes you like, download them with the button in the bottom-right corner, and try to understand how they were made. By reverse-engineering visualizations and dashboards, you’ll internalize best practices and better understand visualization techniques.

5. Practice, practice, practice by creating new vizzes and publishing them to Tableau Public. At work, you will be confronted with the same data sets often, and will have to answer the same types of questions. But by practicing with Tableau Public, you’ll expose yourself to more varied situations that teach you novel analytical approaches.

To motivate students to practice, we organized a data viz challenge in collaboration with the EDHEC, Tableau, and Amadeus. Participants delivered a final visualisation that was graded, and the top three teams were rewarded.

Read more

With a high percentage of MBA graduates seeking a move into Consulting, the EDHEC Global MBA’s  optional real-life consulting project is ideal to transition into this field and build new consulting skills.

The two-month consulting project allows participants to put their newly acquired skills and knowledge into practice and serves as a transition between the time spent at school and the entry into a new professional life. Multinationals, non-profit organisations and even local start-ups provide EDHEC with consulting missions that are presented to the class directly by a company representative.  After a course on Consulting Methodologies, participants select the projects which best fits their career or learning goals and contribute over 700 team hours to complete strategic company projects.

The projects are supported by top management with an executive as mentor. These projects can be in-company, on-campus or both with past consulting teams travelling to various destinations with expenses paid.

A win-win situation

The teams of 3 to 5 participants pump their fresh ideas and perspectives into the company’s strategy and management plan and bring significant international professional experience to the table. Solid, documented results, actionable analyses and recommendations are delivered in the same way as professional consulting firms. This project allows companies to experience EDHEC Global MBA talent first-hand and leverage this opportunity to evaluate an MBA intern or career hire and in the case of past Google and Amadeus projects, a real partnership has been formed with the introduction of classroom seminars on Big Data & Artificial Intelligence @ Work.  Alumni are also keen to get involved and help their companies and students in this virtuous cycle. At the same time, the MBA participants get a taste of life as a consultant, a look into a new sector and are able to put new key words on their CV to facilitate the move in the chosen career direction.

Examples of sponsor companies:

L’Oreal, Google, Nestlé, Nutricia (Danone), Kurt Salmon, Amadeus, Air Liquide, Schneider Electric, France Telecom (Orange), NEC, Merck, 3M, Microsoft, Thales, Alcatel Lucent, Oxylane/Decathlon, Pearson, Calderys, Anglo Africa,SFR, Allergan and BIC. 

2017 sponsor companies include Airbus, Air Liquide, Cannes Hospital, John Taylor Real Estate, La Redoute, Orphoz, Izicap (Fintech).

Past and present projects include:

  • Launching of a new product on international markets
  • International benchmarking and developing initiatives to increase gender diversity
  • Exploring franchising options for macro-credit company in rural Africa
  • Re-positioning a start-up firm - revision of the business plan, identifying access to capital
  • Strategic Growth plan for soon to be acquired cosmetic company
  • Product launch for new airline merchandising capabilities
  • Industrial Market Study of Iran; study of new economic potential in this market following recent lifting of sanctions
  • Developing an existing product in new markets on an international scale
  • Statistical modelling project; developing a model to predict market and company performance based on markers in the economy
  • Investigating how the company can increase market share in targeted renewable markets
  • Developing an expansion strategy for East and Southeast Asia
  • E-commerce project
  • Fostering digital transformation projects in industry
  • Waste to Energy Market Assessment

Let’s hear it from the MBA participants

“It was exciting to develop a strategic plan for the future growth of the company working closely with management, employees and suppliers. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet top CEOs and key opinion leaders in the region to discuss about the industry, people and geography.”

“It was a wonderful experience. I wanted to experience working closely with international companies with people from different countries and cultures. It gave me new insight on the European work environment and business.”

The Consulting project is just one choice within the MBA Project offering. Participants can also choose to do a company internship for 2-6 months, work on an Entrepreneurial Project or complete a research project. If participants have another idea of how they would like to spend these two months, their idea can also be submitted for approval.

If you’d like more information, please ask .