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Transforming Senior Executives into principled business leaders

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12 months



EDHEC’s Advanced Management Programme is a part-time top flight programme for senior executives and experienced professionals who need to acquire the strategic skills that will allow them to lead their organisation to success.



  • Acquire a strategic overview

  • Sharpen your managerial and leadership skills

  • Develop your professional network

  • Improve your strategic agility


Strengthen your managerial skills and develop your leadership.

5 modules to face new challenges of a fast-changing business environment

The general management foundation courses will give you the strategic skills needed to make decisions, create value, lead teams and manage conflict, as well as to prepare for and lead change. The course is pragmatic, directly exploitable and accessible.

There are 5 distinct modules:

Gain valuable insights into intercultural management and notions of emotional intelligence, measure your resistance to stress, and understand your own decision-making processes through individual coaching.

Acquire a strategic overview

Acquire and transmit a vision. Learn how to implement a business development strategy. The topics covered include strategic marketing and brand strategy, strategy and business models, innovation management, mergers and acquisitions, and an introduction to geostrategic thinking. 

Manage financial performance.

Understand and interpret financial situations, learn about the main growth levers and the key aspects that need to be examined to understand a firm’s financial situation.

Lead teams and organisations

Learn the key techniques to manage major change in organisations. Understand the levers that drive a corporate culture: major conflict management, business ethics, the manager’s social responsibility.

Effective communication

Draft a message for internal and external targets. Learn how to speak to the media during difficult times.

A comprehensive personal and career support programme

EDHEC’s AMP programme includes a comprehensive individual support and leadership development programme. The participants are guided towards a successful personal and professional transformation as a senior manager expected to manage a firm’s future changes.

The programme is run by a team of qualified coaches who all have extensive managerial experience acquired from working in major international groups.


4 coaching sessions to help you make the transition

The tailored support programme is designed to define and address your personal and professional development goals. Participants identify the points to be developed and determine the concrete aspects that will take them forward during personalised coaching sessions. The process is underpinned by the knowledge acquired during the programme as well as personal reflections arising from their diverse experiences.


Make the 2nd half of your career a success

Participants are offered a career support programme to help them to accomplish a personal reflection, if they so wish. This is a 7-stage process, designed to review their career to date and to develop a personal action plan. An individual ‘career review’ is handed in at the end of the session.

Express a managerial conviction or conduct a consulting mission

During the management project, the participants adopt an analytical position and make strategic and operational recommendations, either alone or in teams.

  • Put the knowledge acquired during the course into practice, and collating it with the reality and a firm’s everyday activities,

  • Develop and express strong managerial convictions in terms of people and organisation management.

Meet decision-makers and major business leaders and anticipate tomorrow’s trends

Edhec Conferences

Led by business leaders, experts and board members, these conferences offer an excellent opportunity for reflection and discussion on the challenges of the future and their impact in terms of people and organisation management. Based on diverse experiences that are far removed from daily concerns at times, the testimonials enable the participants to explore the values of organisations and to draw conclusions that are directly exploitable within a business.

Conference examples

'Managing criminal risks in a business organisation' by Bertrand Monnet, EDHEC lecturer

'The digital revolution: changing business models for the press' by Francis Morel, CEO of Les Echos Group

'Unemployment: reversing the curve' by Bertand Martinot, Former social advisor to the President of the Republic

'Managing others and oneself: making teams responsible' by Dominique Tissier, VP HR Development at Michelin

Courses, Business simulations, visits, discussions, team work

Exceptional seminars provide in-depth coverage of managerial topics to take the participants’ personal development and their grasp of key business management issues further.

Transforming Organisations, Lille

Transforming organisations : a dynamic process

Identify different types of organisation and understand the factors that trigger change.

When should we change an organisation? Accepting and anticipating change: which key factors can influence this decision? Why change an organisation and what kind of organisation? Forward-thinking ideas for the new business organisations of the 21st century.

To help them discuss these issues, the participants work in an environment steeped in history and learning: the Manufacture des Flandres. Located on the site of a former weaver’s workshop, Craye, specialized since 1900 in furniture fabrics, the Manufacture des Flandres is a museum-workshop dedicated to the memory of the textile industry in Roubaix and the surrounding area.

Strategic Marketing, Paris

  • Understand strategic marketing and business management.
  • Define a marketing strategy and work on all the marketing mix components.
  • Simulate a product launch and directly appreciate the impact of the decisions taken.

The course includes a simulation of a strategic product launch and company management in a highly competitive environment.

Split into different groups, the participants define a marketing strategy and work on all the components of the marketing mix. The simulation highlights the strategic aspects of company management. The tools made available help them to understand the impact of their decisions and the outcomes on performance directly.

Geopolitics and International Negotiations, Paris

Understand geopolitics and learn the techniques of negotiation.

The 4-day training course is designed to help participants to understand geopolitical issues and to grasp the techniques of top level international negotiation.

  • Understand international organisations
  • Prepare for negotiation
  • Analyse the geostrategic context
  • Manage an international crisis

Led by General Desjardins from NATO Defence College, this exceptional course allows the participants to experience the management of a global crisis requiring strategic reflection and decision-making at international level.

Overlapping perspectives on Leadership, Paris

Identify the fundamental aspects of your personal leadership style and transmit your vision.

This course ends the programme year. It is designed to pull together all the notions of leadership introduced during the programme. In addition, it delves deeper into certain aspects of leadership, notably the managerial dimension of leading people and organisations. The two-day course combines testimonials from well-known personalities and discussions with the participants.

Various personalities from the world of business, politics and civil society are invited to speak about their take on leadership, based on their own experience.

Some of the speakers in previous courses include:

  • Roger Pol Droit – Writer and philosopher
  • Stéphan Perrot – European swimming champion
  • Stéphane Volant - Secretary General of the SNCF (French railway lines)
  • Jean-Paul Cottet - Advisor to the CEO of Orange

The participants take part in a public speaking exercise. They need to implement the communication techniques acquired during their programme in order to express their personal managerial convictions.

Lobbying and Influence Management, Brussels

Understand the mechanisms of decision-making within European institutions and identify the factors of influence.

This one-day module is held in Brussels and gives the participants insights into the European institutional environment through a comparative study (in the form of a round table debate based on real-life experience) of business management styles according to different geographic and cultural perspectives.

The participants spend a whole day in Brussels to visit the European Parliament, meet an MP, take part in a European Commission meeting and work on a lobbying-related case study.


An innovative teaching method based on differences in experience and discussions with other business leaders.

business leaders

Throughout the programme, you will meet decision-makers, senior executives of major groups and personalities who come to share their experience of managing people and organisations.

through difference

Being placed in unusual situations helps you to discover and compare different management methods in unknown environments. Compare your personal ideas on management issues. Learn to understand yourself better and develop your leadership skills.

Get to
the heart of the matter

Being placed in unusual situations helps you to discover and compare different management methods in unknown environments. Compare your personal ideas on management issues. Learn to understand yourself better and develop your leadership skills.

Expert contributors, in touch with the real challenges facing senior executives and business leaders

The Advanced Management Programme is underpinned by the expertise of EDHEC’s teaching faculty and its network of professionals. Their expertise is built on continual interaction with the world of business.

Our method involves not only demonstrating, teaching and analysing academic theories, but in bringing them alive so that everyone can advance according to their own specific profile and their own professional experience.

Jean-Louis RAYNAUD, Advanced Management Programme Director.


PhD, Université Louis Lumière Lyon II

Strategic Management & Business History

D'HUY Pierre

Directeur des Programmes Internationaux

Management de l'innovation


Directeur des Cours Collège de l'OTAN

Géopolitique et négociations internationales


Directeur général, Sustainway

Développement responsable : innovation responsable et différenciation


Accompagnement carrière

Responsabilité sociale du dirigeant


Consultant en philosophie du management

Ethique et philosophie des affaires


PhD, Université Paris X

Finance d'entreprise

HERLIN Valérie

Directrice & gérante, Mobiliz

Coaching managers & dirigeants

LE GOFF Jean-Jacques

Conseil en management interculturel

Interculturalité et commerce international

MONNET Bertrand

PhD (ABD), Université Paris II

Criminal Risks Management


Fondatrice, Leaderslab

Management des religions en entreprise



Connaissance de soi et accompagnement individuel

RAYNAUD Jean-Louis

Directeur des programmes pour dirigeants

EDHEC Executive Education


PhD, Sorbonne

Management / Marketing digital


Directeur associé, ACYAN

Communication et gestion de crise

TISSIER Dominique

Expert RH

Ex VP Michelin

Management de l'innovation


An active network of business leaders in the heart of Paris

The main strength of EDHEC’s Advanced Management Programme lies in the diversity of people it brings together. This diversity in terms of jobs, sectors of activity and professional experience makes a significant contribution to both individual and group development.*


  • 39 years old on average

  • 22% female

  • 14 years professional experience average

  • 22% International

(*Analysis of the Classes of 2017-2018)

The National Marine course was an extraordinary highlight of the AMP programme. The absence of internet, etc. meant that I had to delegate the operations in my company. Life on board involved identifying priorities and stressful situations, and brought out the best in me. These offbeat situations made a whole lot of sense in my life as a business owner.

Arnaud CIOR , General Manager – Fitness Academy Group - Class of 2015

Meetings in the professional context often revolve around an identical circle to the one you work in, with the same size business, similar activity, and the same jobs, which is very limiting. The diversity of participants, the many contributors and the courses means that the AMP allows us to significantly extend our field of knowledge. A year of ‘intellectual sustenance’ which helped us to grow!

Valérie HUCHE , Financial Director Leader Group - Class of 2015

I was lucky enough to join this programme to consolidate my position as an all-round leader. I’ve developed my channels of influence and communication with the main job sectors (marketing, finance, RH, supply) that I come across in the context of my work. The course helped me to prepare and reinvent my future as a leader.

Nicolas PETITJEAN , Innovation Manager Europe - Class of 2015

Admissions and Cost

Admissions Process

  • Introductory interview

  • Application form

  • Individual interview with the programme director on the EDHEC campus in Paris

  • Final decision by the admissions panel

New academic year: 



Part time - Monday and Tuesday afternoon, once a fortnight


12 months (January - December) - 450 hours

The tuition fees for the EDHEC Advanced Management Programme are:

€35,000, excl. tax*

(travel costs included)

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change

Equivalent to a master’s degree in France, Titre de niveau I, RNCP.

Eligible to the CPF (personal training account).

[ Code CPF: 247707 ]


Is the programme compatible with my job?

EDHEC’s Advanced Management Programme in Paris is a part-time course spread over 12 months, from January to December. The pace of work has been specifically adapted to meet the needs of business executives: the courses are programmed uniquely during the week, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons (from 2 pm to 9 pm) once a fortnight, which means you can still be in your office every day and enjoy a good work-life balance.
The majority of courses take place on the EDHEC campus in Paris, situated between the Bourse and the Opéra in the heart of the business district. The external seminar dates are fixed from the outset to allow you to get organised long in advance. Contact us for the timetable for the upcoming academic year.

Who are the participants?

EDHEC’s AMP programme draws together a large network of professionals: experienced managers, business leaders and business owners who would like to hold strategic positions in a business. Around 30% of the participants are business owners. Aged between 35 and 50, the AMP participants all have extensive business experience acquired from within major groups (Axa, Bouygues Télécom, Société Générale, SNCF, Vinci, La Poste, Hertz, Leroy Merlin...) or from a more entrepreneurial environment.
For more information on the student profiles, get in touch.

Have I got the right profile for the programme?

Each EDHEC Advanced Management Programme class year is subject to a strict selection process to ensure that there is maximum diversity in terms of jobs, sectors of activity and professional experience. The applicants must have at least 10 years of successful professional experience, have reached a good level of operational management and/or have recognized expertise. In addition, they need to demonstrate a good international and intercultural mindset.
To find out if you have the right profile to join the AMP, get in touch with us so we can arrange a first interview and fill in the application form. You will then be invited to meet the Programme Director who will assess your profile and our capacity to help you to achieve your career plan.

Do I get a qualification after the programme?

The Advanced Management Programme is a diploma course delivered by EDHEC Business School in Paris. It automatically makes you a member of the EDHEC Alumni network, a highly active professional network of more than 30,000 graduates in 120 countries.
This general management course is just one of the programmes developed by EDHEC Executive Education. The courses are designed to cover all the needs of business: programmes for managers and for business owners, certificate programmes and customized programmes, MBA and Executive MBA.
For more information about our management programmes, do get in touch.

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