Acceleration Weeks Series

Short & intensive programmes for Directors and Senior Executives

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5 days


The Acceleration Weeks by EDHEC Executive Education are a series of 5-day intensive programmes designed for directors, senior executives and leaders. Each programme blends theory, discussion and hands-on learning.
Each Acceleration Week has been developed to focus on creating strategies & solutions for one business-critical issue:

Digital Strategy, Value Creation, Leadership, Sustainable Business.


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Digital Strategy, Value Creation, Leadership, Sustainable Business…. Each Acceleration Week from EDHEC Executive Education on specific dimension critical to business transformation. The programmes are solution-focussed, to support leadership direction, team development and creating a sustainable performance in an ever-changing world.

The Acceleration Week series has been created to be complementary: select one programme or several, according to your needs.



  • Understand disruptive strategies and new business models essential to digital trannsformation ;
  • Discover how data and predictive modelling can drive development and value creation ;
  • In the field, gain inspiration from the creativity and innovative best practices of the leading actors in French Tech ;
  • Develop a digital action plan to improve performance in your business.



  • 3 days of classes at EDHEC Paris Opera campus
  • 1.5 day learning expedition, meeting the key players in the French Tech ecosystem
  • 0.5 day development of your digital action plan


  • Denis DAUCHY, PhD - Professor of Strategy and Director of EDHEC Executive MBA
  • Alexandre CATTANEO - Director of the New Generation Agency, specialist indata science
  • Jérôme LAFON - Consultant and trainer in management of innovation
  • Nathalie SCHIPOUNOFF- Head of E-Merchandising Department at UGAP
  • Jérôme LAFON - Executive Vice-President at EPSILON FRANCE (PUBLICIS GROUP)





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Digital Strategy programme

Objectives :

  • Master the fundamentals of financial analysis and measure the impact of digital transformation, new business models, millennial values as well as environmental, social and societal challenges on these indicators;
  • Evaluate the impact of strategic, financial, commercial and operational decisions , on the creation of value ​​and the management of the company;
  • Identify criteria to take into account to make the most relevant investment choices;
  • Anticipate the reactions of markets and investors by putting yourself in their place: Learning expedition with venture capitalists and investment funds;
  • Enriching value creation by integrating extra-financial analysis and values ​​from intangible assets (human capital, environment, employer brand, social and societal responsibility ...).



  • 3 days to master the fundamentals of running a business in a changing world
  • 1 day to define new indicators and tools for measuring value creation
  • 1 day learning expedition to meet venture capitalists and investment funds


  • Philippe FOULQUIER, PhD., CIIA, director of the A/W Value Creation, Director of EDHEC Value Creation Research Centre & Director of Edhec Executive MBA.





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This programme is eligible for the French personal training account scheme (CPF) .




  • Understand the key factors for an agile organisation, the conditions needed to instil them and their limitations;
  • Rethinking social relations: understanding the role of each of social actors, knowing how to measure the balance of power, contributing to social dialogue, involving employees;
  • Negotiation in a crisis situation, put yourself to the stress-test with during an exercise with the French Navy;
  • Build your vision as a leader of transformation and integrate it practically into your organisation.


  • 3 days to master the key social and societal transformations and craft your leadership convictions and social dialogue
  • 2 days « Stress-Test » challenge to practice good decision making in the face of the unexpected 


  • Jean-Louis RAYNAUD - Management Consultant
  • Amélie KOCH - Lawyer at the Paris Bar and specialist in employment law
  • François RAFFIN - CEO & founder of AUKI, Expert in sustainable change & innovation





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This programme is eligible for the French personal training account scheme (CPF) .



Objectives :

  • Take ownership of the challenges of ecological, social and societal change;
  • Revisit your strategy to make sustainable development a competitive advantage;
  • Evaluate the impact of your new vision on your management tools, communication, mode of leadership and on your organization as a whole;
  • Build and defend your new vision for your organization.



  • 3 days pour assimiler les 3 niveaux possibles de la transformation durable et leurs impacts to assess the 3 levels of sustainable transformation possible and their impact
  • 1 day to learn best practices during visits to inspirational organisations
  • 1 day to build your vision and defend your conviction to your peers and to generation Y


  • François RAFFIN - CEO & founder of AUKI, Expert in sustainable change & innovation, Co-creater of the A/W Sustainable Development
  • Hélène TEULON - Founder of Gingko 21, supporting organisations to transition towards tomorrow’s economy
  • Dominique TISSIER - Lecturer on the Advanced Management Programme and Corporate Programmes, Fellow of the Chair for Innovation and Transformation Permanent, EDHEC Business School





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EDHEC Executive Education Afterwork

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A method based on 5 pillars :


  • The expertise & knowledge of EDHEC professors
    One of the best European business schools, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and oriented "research for business"
  • Business Relevance
    Sessions also led by experienced practitioners and case studies & discussions with influential leaders throughout the programmes. The programmes are reviewed continually to reflect the business realities as closely as possible
  • Practical Learning
    Hands-on experience and inspiration on and off campus 
  • The Strength of the Collective
    Learn and develop your strategy with fellow directors and leaders from all sectors and industries
  • Generation Y Perspectives
    Where possible, we invite EDHEC students to participate and share their perspectives to give you new and relevant insights

Admissions and Cost

  • Interview

  • Application form

  • Decision by the Admissions panel

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  • Acceleration Week/ Leading Transformation: September
  • Acceleration Week/ Digital Strategy: September
  • Acceleration Week/ Sustainable Development: November
  • Acceleration Week/ Value Creation: November

Tuition Fees

  • 4 000 euros excluding VAT*

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change


Compte Personnel de Formation

If you are employed by a French company then you may be eligible to get some financial support through the CPF.

Acceleration Week/ Value Creation: find out more.

Acceleration Week/ Leading Transformation: find out more.


Is the course compatible with my job?

EDHEC’s General Management Acceleration Programme is a 3-week, fast-track course delivered over a period of 6 months. Each week, participants will enjoy courses, talks by business leaders and experts, and off-campus seminars. The courses take place from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm (times indicative only). You can also join other EDHEC Executive elective. The optional executive courses will help you to extend your knowledge and grow your professional network with participants from EDHEC’s MBA programme and the business executives programme, or during the optional Business Trip with participants from the Advanced Management Programme.

How are the off-campus courses organised?

Every week, a different topic is covered (strategy, finance, leadership, mega-trends) from a topical perspective. The courses take place on the EDHEC campus in Paris, situated in the middle of the business district between the Bourse and the Opéra. Some modules are organised off-campus with partner institutions: the world of start-ups at Euratechnologies in Lille, the French War School, the most prestigious training institute for senior commanders in the French army, located in the military school in Paris, or the D-School at the Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech. Priority is on discussing and comparing experiences between participants. Learning comes from the numerous encounters, the study of other organisations and original teaching input.

Who are the other participants?

Each group is made up of senior managers, decision makers, executives and future executives. They all have extensive business experience, on average between 8 and 20 years. They have managed staff either directly or indirectly, with successful experience in positions of responsibility. Each EDHEC General Acceleration Management Programme class is unique: it forms the perfect venue for valuable encounters and discussions with other professionals.

What is the level?

EDHEC’s General Management Acceleration Programme is an executive diploma course delivered by EDHEC Business School’s Executive Education. On successful completion, the students receive an EDHEC certificate: the Certificate of Business Administration (CBA).
There is an assessment every week, and presence and participation are also taken into account. To receive your certificate, you must have attended and validated the 3 weeks of courses at EDHEC. There are no exams at the end of the course.

Will I be able to join the EDHEC Alumni network ?

Enrolment in a General Management Acceleration Programme means that you automatically join the EDHEC Alumni network. This highly active professional network has over 30,000 graduates in 120 countries worldwide. The members work hard to support the network, extending the reach of EDHEC Business School at local, regional and international level.

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