Executive MBA

Take your career to the next level

Location :
Lille or Paris

 Part-time :
16 months,
In English

 Intakes :   :
March or October

Top 10 in Europe
Financial Times 2021

Eligible for CPF


Are you looking to boost your career? Are you a manager or an entrepreneur? Make a career move that really counts. The EDHEC Executive MBA (EMBA) will give you the stimulating learning environment you need to acquire a global business outlook and successfully transform your company.




  • Enhanced skills and a new perspective

  • Professional and personal development

  • Insights into the challenges of globalisation

Global recognition

Top 10 in Europe,
51st worldwide
Financial Times 2021

Top 10 in Europe,
Top 20 in the world
The Economist 2020

19th in Europe,
38th in the world
QS Global EMBA 2021


EDHEC Executive MBA programme will give you the know-how you need to drive your organisation’s performance and consolidate your leadership.



EDHEC Executive MBA core courses address all the disciplines that underpin corporate management to give you the tools you need to master all the key aspects of strategic and business management. The core courses are delivered in English by EDHEC teaching faculty and professional experts. Both EMBA and EMBA with specialisation in Healthcare Innovation & Technology in partnership with UTC participants follow the business fundamentals together.​

They cover the following areas:

The global business world

  • Economics and globalization
  • European business practices
  • Business Trips: the global business environment

Finance and accounting :

  • Business game – financial accounting
  • Accounting
  • Audit and business performance management
  • Corporate finance

Leadership and Organisation

  • Induction seminar
  • Organizational Management
  • Leadership and professional development workshops
  • Personal leadership coaching


  • Marketing management
  • Strategic marketing (business game)


  • Operational Management and logistics management
  • Business Law – Corporate legal strategies


  • Strategic analysis
  • Management and strategic options

6 electives to open up new perspectives :

If you chose the EMBA with specialisation in Healthcare Innovation & Technology in partnership with UTC, you will follow a dedicated track covering four modules. Learn more about the specialisation track in partnership with UTC here.​

EDHEC Executive MBA programme offers a wide choice of top level business options on the Lille and Paris campuses to consolidate your skills and provide you with new perspectives on management issues.

 You can choose up to 6 different electives covering a total of 90 hours.

  • Connected Commerce - Lille
  • Criminal Risks Management - Paris
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Lille 
  • Management Decision Making - Paris 
  • From Vision to Empowerment - Lille 
  • Embracing disruptive innovations in the digital world - Paris 
  • Innovation and Design Thinking  - Lille 
  • Financial markets - Paris 
  • Strategic Talent And Career Management - Lille 
  • Emerging Technologies and Business Challenges IoT, IA, Blockchain & Big Data - Paris 
  • Strategic Foresight - Lille 
  • Luxury Brand Management - Paris 
  • Les tops priorités du droit en entreprise - Lille
  • Artificial Intelligence for Business - Paris 
  • Managing Innovation - Paris 
  • Negotiating Skills - Paris

*Electives 2020-2021

Electives are 15 hours each with exception of Embracing disruptive innovations in the digital world which is 30 hours. Electives may be updated or changed.  

Edhec Electives

Edhec emba electives

Discover the new business models that allow to grasp the challenges of globalisation

To help you gain a better understanding of the challenges raised by globalisation and how to deal with them, the programme includes 2 Global Business Trips.

The Global Business Trips help you explore how economic and political models work in relation to western models, understand the mechanics of competition, and identify key business success factors. The trips also help you to step back, develop strategic sensitivity and acquire new managerial reflexes in project and people management.

The Global Business trips are a compulsory part of the programme for both the EMBA and EMBA with specialisation in Healthcare Innovation & Technology participants.

The Global Business Trip includes a range of complementary activities:

  • Conferences to understand the country’s cultural environment.
  • In-company visits and discussions with local managers to link theory with practice.
  • Team workshops to draw up the Global Business Report.
Edhec EMBA Silicon Valley

The Global Business Report

At the end of the business trip, students form teams to write a detailed report on an industry or company of their choice: the Global Business Report. This report gives them the opportunity to gauge the insights acquired during the business trip, and to demonstrate their ability to apply the tools presented during the course to real-life conditions.

The aim of the Global Business Report is twofold:

  • To anticipate the trends emanating from the new market economies and identify alternative management models.
  • To develop the ability to "think strategically" by adopting a cross-sector approach and synthetic thinking, examine competitive trends in an environment with little information by learning to decipher weak signals and rumours, and enhance strategic sensitivity by making intuition a factor in decision making.

The project involves moving from thought to action and formulating strategic recommendations for the company of your choice.

The EDHEC Executive MBA consulting project consists of drafting recommendations , in the same way as a real consultant, on a concrete topic linked to your career plan and that is useful to the business organisation or healthcare ecosystem for participants taking the Healthcare Innovation & Technology track. It may concern the company you work for, one of its customers, or a company that you would like to found or take over. It involves both a long-term take of the future and a real understanding of the present, demonstrating a keen sense of reality that combines good sense, reaction and action. You will be supported by both a coach and a member of the teaching faculty in this exercise, and will discuss the work with the other members of your team.

This is the final stage of your programme. It has 3 objectives :

  • To help consolidate the theory acquired during your study programme and put it into practice.

  • To acquire a problem-solving methodology with a strategic bias (project management, framing a problem, diagnosis methods, developing and communicating proposals, etc.).

  • To develop formal strategic and cross-sector recommendations for a real management issue, similar to those you will develop later on.

Students defend their consulting project orally in front of a 2-person panel who examine the clarity and thrust of the diagnosis as well as the relevance of the recommendations envisaged.

EDHEC Executive MBA programme and the and the EMBA specialising in Healthcare Innovation & Technology in partnership with UTC are based on a highly innovative approach built around three areas:

Leadership Development Seminars

EDHEC Executive MBA programme puts great emphasis on collaborative activities to help develop your leadership skills and strategic prowess. A series of seminars complete the group dynamics with a human-sized class located on the Lille and Paris campuses, with the aim of enhancing personal efficiency and decision-making skills.

Team workshops & Career Development

Dozens of case studies, often based on professional issues that members of the team have come up against, mean that you debate your ideas and formulate joint recommendations. In this active learning context, the teamwork activities hone your leadership skills and help you to understand how an efficient team works and the best attitude to adopt to boost your team’s performance.

Individual support through 5 tailored coaching sessions

EDHEC Executive MBA'S combine deep and high performance learning with intense tailored support. You are given personal support and guidance to complete your consulting project and develop your leadership skills so that you can lead and manage your responsibilities fully and with vision and confidence.

Organised at regular intervals during the course of the programme, the individual coaching sessions cover three main areas:

  • Development of managerial skills
  • Career management
  • Decision making

Two additional sessions will help you to customize your approach to the "decision-making" module.


Develop your professional transformation through the innovative and relevant action learning input.

EDHEC Executive MBA is a balanced programme that combines serious academic input with a hands-on approach to the real challenges of business life.

  • Priority is given to business basics: finance, strategy, studies of new business models

  • An individual consulting project based on a real company case of your choice

  • Many unresolved case studies, role plays and business games

  • Completion of a Global Business Report, written in teams at the end of each business trip

Faculty members with real life business expertise

The EDHEC Executive MBA learning programme is underpinned by international academic experts and business professionals.

"The learning environment that we’ve designed will help you to develop a global and novel outlook on the business world, and to consolidate your management and entrepreneurship skills in order to reinvent your personal trajectory and that of your firm."


CANNONE Stéphane

Directeur des programmes sur-mesure

Techniques de négociation

CERVELLON Marie-Cécile, PhD

PhD, McGill University


COLLARD Christophe

D.E.A., Université de Lille II

Droit international des affaires


PhD, Université de Lille



PhD, Université Paris X

Finance d'entreprise


PhD, Université de Vienne

Innovation, Disruption et Transformation Digitale


Harvard Business School

Defense Business Board

MONNET Bertrand

PhD (ABD), Université Paris II

Criminal Risks Management


PhD, Université de Louvain

Marketing Management

VERY Philippe, PhD

PhD, IAE Aix en Provence

Management stratégique


When you join EDHEC Executive MBA, you join a fertile learning community of experienced professionals and business organisations from around the world.*

38 years old on average

43% female

15 years professional expérience on average

28% international

(*EDHEC Executive MBA Class 2019-2021)

I chose EDHEC as I was looking for an MBA that offered a truly interactive experience and I wanted to develop relations with the other members of my class. I really appreciated being able to exchange ideas in an environment that encouraged discussion.

Cédric TAELMAN, Operational Manager, Sagrex (Belgium) – Class of 2014

EDHEC Executive MBA programme adopts a fertile across-the-board approach, and includes many high quality courses in the fields of business strategy, finance, logistics and human resources, among others. It also provides students with tailored support via coaching sessions with a top flight teaching team. The programme also explores other business organisations through discussion and sharing experiences with the class during the courses and the group work.

Céline FOMPUDIE, HR Communications Manager, La Poste - Class of 2013

EDHEC Executive MBA programme gave me a solid foundation of skills and know-how to manage and unite a team. It helped me to develop a global approach and to make pertinent decisions. It taught me to see the big picture and to be objective and revealed my leadership style. Today, I try to bring out the best in each individual in my management practices. I’m also aware of the need to continually learn, and to cultivate self learning.

Michael JAINE, Direct Sales Director, SOFINCO – Class of 2013


EDHEC Executive MBA

Weekend Format

Twice a month (Friday - Saturday)
Lille Campus

Weekday Format

Once a month (Wednesday - Saturday)
Paris Campus

2 Intakes

March or October


Length : 16 months

Selection Criteria

A bachelor degree or equivalent

8 years of professional experience

Proficiency in English


with specialisation in Healthcare Innovation in partnership with UTC

Weekday Format

Once a month (Wednesday to Saturday)​
EDHEC Paris & UTC Paris


Next intake: March


Length : 16 months

Admissions Procedure

  • Initial Interview with the Programme Advisor

  • Discussion with participants and Alumni

  • Application form

  • A face-to-face Interview with the Programme Director

  • Response of the admissions committee

Fees: 45 000€*

excluding VAT
(The fee includes all tuition fees and accommodation costs for the 2 business trips but does not include the flight)

*Tuition fees are provided for information only and are subject to change


This programme is eligible for the French personal training account scheme (CPF) - Code 245001.

Financing your EMBA

Choosing to do an Executive MBA at EDHEC is a great choice to help you to develop your capacity to lead and to shape your career, but we also recognise that it is also a financial commitment and requires planning. Below you will find some details on scholarships and funding options, but please get in touch to get more personalised help and advice.



We believe that the one of the greatest benefits of our Executive MBA programme is the diversity of the class. Creating a new professional network, learning from and being supported by your peers makes the experience deeply rich and rewarding which is why we have 4 generous scholarship options to help.



To support and promote equality and gender diversity in our class and in the boardroom.

20% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



To support and promote cultural diversity in our class, this scholarship is open to dual nationals and internationals currently working and residing in France.

20% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



For applicants who live and work outside of France, this scholarship is designed to encourage and support participants who are looking to gain and share a truly global vision from one of the leading business schools in France and Europe.

30% reduction off programme fees (excluding VAT).



For applicants who are personally financing the programme

15% reduction off the programme fees (excluding VAT)

The scholarships are based on the current programme fees of 45 000 € excluding VAT*. You can get more information here.

If you are eligible for a scholarship, you will automatically be awarded the most beneficial scholarship for you as the scholarships are not accumulated. To find out if you are eligible, please get in touch with our admissions team who will be happy to assess your situation.

Depending on whether you are working & living in France or abroad, there are a number of options to help you finance your programme, click here to find out more.


Compte Personnel de Formation

If you are employed by a French company then you may be eligible to get some financial support through the CPF as the EDHEC EMBA is eligible.

(CPF : Code 245001)




Innovative Teaching Methods

EDHEC Executive Education and MBA programmes are underpinned by the know-how and expertise of the school’s top-flight teaching faculty of academics and business professionals.
EDHEC offers a unique learning environment that promotes the acquisition of technical skills and personal and professional transformation through its innovative and dynamic teaching methods.

Global Reach

EDHEC Business School is one of only 60 Business Schools in the world (from almost 14 000 institutions) to hold the three prestigious accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. This triple accreditation attests to the quality of EDHEC’s teaching and the academic excellence of its MBA and executive education programmes.


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